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Military Heritage

Military Heritage Magazine is a must-have for those interested in the history of armed conflict. Expertly researched and presented with art from famous museums, this publication details battles and strategies, profiles leaders, provides maps and presents eyewitness accounts that vividly bring the past to life.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    High Quality Magazine

    One the best military history magazines on the market. Always well written with articles from diverse and well balanced historical periods. Highly recommended.

    • Rating
    Some People "Read" Playboy, I Read This....

    I like this magazine a lot. I also get Military history and World War 2 magazine and this is my favorite of the three. The best thing about military history magazines in general is getting a new issue in and learning about something you had no idea happened. An example would be England ruling Argentina and the Philippines, did you know that had happened? I sure didn't. Also you will read, like in this issue I have here, about a battle contingency England had to invade the Washington territory in 1861 at the start of the Civil War; it's stuff like this that keeps me very interested in reading this magazine more so than the World War 2 stuff that I've probably...

    • Rating
    Must have for Military History Affectionatoes

    Military Heritage appears to me to be a more scholarly magazine than Military History of which I also am a subscriber. This magazine will appeal to the Historian as well a the lay reader. I find the book reviews most incisive and helpful.

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