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Motor Age Magazine is keeping pace with increasingly sophisticated automotive technology. Motor Age magazine offers an ongoing opportunity for the technician to improve his or her automotive service and diagnostic skills with a fresh, timely and comprehensive look at specific service challenges. Motor Age provides real world, hands on examples; challenging, interactive research; intensive questions and a fresh new look.

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    The best quarterly on the Middle East

    In 1994, when the first issue of this quarterly came out, I read it eagerly. And I've read every issue since then. It's my favorite journal on the Middle East.

    Here is why this journal exists. As explained in that first issue, only one US President since 1948 has failed to speak "forcefully about the benefits that accrue to the United States from deep and deep relations with Israel." However, the other quarterlies about the region all disparaged the ties between the US and Israel. The other quarterlies presented Israel as a liability to the US. The other quarterlies saw Zionism as "a racist offshoot of imperialism." And they apologized for...

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