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Muscle Car Review is the ultimate guide to high performance automobiles. Every issue o f the magazine is filled with restoration how-to's, performance reviews, and the latest in industry news. Muscle Car Review is well suited for both the experienced professional and the passionate beginner, making it the must-have publication for muscle car enthusiasts.

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    I'm not exactly a twenty something fashionista, but wow are the patterns in here dumpy. There have been a couple of OK technique articles, but three issues into my subscription I haven't gotten much from it. Many of the articles are rambling pointless nostalgia and many of the patterns are for striped v neck sweater vests. It's so hard to get new information on knitting machines now that it's sad one of the few remaining sources concentrates on shapeless granny sweaters in cheap acrylic. Knitting machines are capable of so much, why are they always presented in this light?

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