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It's almost like hiring a private inspirational guide for your curious child. Muse, a publication of non-fiction for youngsters aged nine to 14, is designed to inspire and stimulate kids. This magazine offers articles about such varied subjects as space, lasers, rain forests, computers, genetics, math, physics and the visual arts. Muse is sponsored by the Smithsonian and produced by the editors and publishers of Cricket.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    The everything mag!!

    Muse is a really great science magazine that has articles on interesting topics. Some of them are mazes, dinosaurs, garbage, hoaxes, and space travel. It is a magazine full of comedy, science, history, and fun. I wait for Muse constantly after I finish the last issue. This magazine was specially designed for kids so there are no long words to look up in the dictionary. There are fun contests, pictures, and activities. If you like science or trivia, this magazine is for you! The only con is that it is too short. The cast of characters that host this magazine are absolutely loveable. Each "muse" as they are called, is in charge of some part of science...

    • Rating
    Imformative yet funny

    I have been subscribing to MUSE for two and a half years. IT IS THE GREATEST MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD!!!! It is a science related magazine, with a cast of 8 funny characters, each with a distinct personality. They pop up throughout the a\magazine, saying and doing funny things. It's like reading a comic book during science class! There are spoof articles and a comic strip in every magazine, along with all the science stuff. My favorite part is the table of contents. The editors pull the most outrageous parts of the article and put them next to the name and page number. In the Muse Mail, the characters respond in funny ways to some of the letters.

    • Rating
    My son reads it cover to cover!

    Muse is an exceptional magazine. Though it is aimed at "tweens", gifted readers from about age 7 up can appreciate it. Parents may wish to pre-read or discuss controversial pieces with their children. There are plenty of interesting articles on a variety of topics. Recent issues have covered stone disks in the Yap islands, gamers making real money from selling virtual goods, racial prejudice, genetics, and snowflakes.

    Muse magazine does not contain any advertising, other than subscription offers from the publisher. It's quite refreshing. Some of my family's other magazines (Sports Illustrated Kids, for example) are filled with ads for...

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