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If you're fascinated by coins, you'll find this tabloid compelling reading. Packed with news, articles and event coverage pertaining to coins and coin collectors, Numismatic News reports on market trends and prices and presents practical advice from experts in the field.

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    Numismatic News

    I've been a collector and dealer before retiring. I have always been confident about info in N.N. Articles are well written and timely.Even though i'm no longer a dealer,i like to keep updated on the market.

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    Quality coin news on a weekly basis

    If you want quality coin news on a weekly basis, this newspaper is for you. Instead of having old news once a month, this rag comes to you 4 times a month with CURRENT news, not month old news. Actually, some of the news in the monthly mags comes to you 2-3 months old because of their fancy printing on glossy paper. If you want to be up-to-date on coins, get this paper.

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    My number 1 educational tool!

    I love Numismatic News! Such a great source on the hobby. Theres no such thing as an out dated copy. If you read a paper several months old it's still relevant to the hobby.

    It doesn't matter if your new or old to the hobby it's a must read!

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