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Off Road Magazine is your complete publication for the best coverage of the world of trucks. Whether you are a fan of monster trucks, custom 4x4's or racing trucks, we have it covered. Articles about all your favorite designs, fantastic color photography and helpful technical advice give the trucking enthusiast a complete reading experience.

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Customer Reviews

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    Great Information On All Things Offroad

    This magazine is awesome due to their interaction with the buyers. People can write in and have their articles as real articles in the magazine. They also let people who have great offroading trucks and SUV's to send them pictures and info, and sometimes they producers of the magazine will set up a time that they can go to the truck-owners house to test drive their trucks and to write articles based on their comparisons. They also have a really interesting section in the back of the magazine that I love. The people send in pictures of their trucks that got stuck in mud or rolled or whatever. As my name suggests, I love the American General HUMMER and...

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    Off-road magazine is truly an excellent magazine. All of the sections deal with a certain person or persons specialty. From testing tires or lift kits and installations on specialty parts and or easy fix tricks all come in handy for an off-road nut or a person just getting into four wheeling. I have a personal opinion of this magazine. I've bought for the past 10 years. and believe me it's not boring.This magazine will answer any question any body interested in 4x4's or hardcore four wheeling like rock crawling or getting deep in the gumbo. If your like some guy's that like a pure big lifted show truck there is stuff in here for you guy's or girl's too....

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    If you love prerunners...

    Then this is the magazine for you. Focuses pretty heavily on the desert scene, which is great if that's what you're into. Some 4X4 stuff too, plus gear reviews, event coverage, and tech articles.

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