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Created for the active reader, Outside is the magazine devoted to travel, fitness, outdoor gear and sports. Whether you like rock climbing or mountain biking, each issue provides the best coverage of these an other exciting outdoor activities. Vacation tips and profiles of outdoor enthusiasts, along with colorful action photography make this a great resource for the active soul!

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Customer Reviews

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    As a subscriber to this magazine for the past two years, I can say without reservation that it is simply terrific. I look forward to each and every issue. Glossy and colorful, it is replete with many well written articles and essays on exotic, little known, or far away places, as well as on off beat or high adrenaline sports. There are also many eye catching, superlative photographs that illustrate and illuminate.

    If one is interested in mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, or travel to little known places where one may indulge in these activities, then this magazine will be of interest. It is packed with information...

    • Rating
    Reading can be an outdoor adventure

    I usually don't subscribe to magazines. Specially in these days, when the Internet can give you a lot of information just searching in Google. However, this magazine is terrific and I will renew my subscription for many years to come.

    It has very entertaining articles for the adventurer. Its scope is really wide (Cycling, Sailing, Mointanieering, Water and Snow skiing, Rock Climbing, Trecking, Off-Road Motorcycles, Surfing, Fitness...) so it is very probable that if you practice an outdoor sport or just like a particular type of adventure, you will get a nice article to read that matches your interest. It is for everybody!.

    One of the things I really...

    • Rating
    Outside is awesome

    Outside is a great magazine, including beautiful photography, fascinating articles, a good dose of enviro-activism, and heavy on gear reviews. (Purists, take note--this magazine loves outdoor gear.)

    Frequent articles on extreme sports and travel, and occasionally includes stunning articles that no one else will cover (for instance, the article awhile back on the ongoing mountain war between India and Pakistan).

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