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This leading English riding magazine serves equestrians of all disciplines with how-to and training advice, as well as articles on horse grooming and health care. Practical Horseman also provides information about events and competitions and how to prepare for them.

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Customer Reviews

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    Not just for the Pros.

    I have been reading Practical Horseman for years and I still am excited when I find the latest issue in my mailbox. They have well written, in-depth articles about things that all horse enthusiasts can relate to. It is aimed at the English rider and it covers many different aspects of riding.

    The first thing I turn to is the Jumping Clinic by George Morris. I don't even jump! He is great at making constructive comments and I love reading them. The training and riding articles are written by experts and are aimed at riders at all levels, not just experts. Each month I read A Lesson With Lendon and I always come away with a bit more of an understanding...

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    Practical Indeed!

    Being an English Equestrian myself, I have tried subscriptions to many magazines, Practical Horseman being my number 1 favorite! I couldn't help but notice how many wonderful articles there are in this magazine. My personal favorite section is one where there are maybe 6 pictures of people riding, and each picture is critiqued. This helps those riders who are self trained (or maybe just wondering)to actually SEE what they are doing wrong. Then they are given advice on how to fix their problems. It's like a lesson through writing =)

    I would have to say that this magazine is aimed for mainly the hunter/jumper equestrian. If you are looking for a magazine...

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    Calling horse lovers..!

    This magazine is great for horse lovers who participate in this sport at all levels, or even just people who are interested in the horse world. The magazine is very colorful and eye-catching, from cover to cover.

    There are articles ranging from medical topics to stories. Practical Horseman has many pictures, and the articles are well written. Often they use sequenced pictures, for example in their mini training session articles, so that you can follow along with one of the riders that they photograph.

    I found that I learned a great deal through this magazine, whether or not I was familiar with the topics they were covering, for example,...

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