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Intrigued by how the mind works? Working toward a degree in psychology or already in the industry? Psychology Today offers readers a unique perspective on total mind, body, and health. Read about health, fitness and all aspects relating to the psychology field. Maybe you'll even figure out a complicated patient with a subscription to Psychology Today.

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Customer Reviews

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    Great Magazine

    If you're looking for something deeper then go out and buy a text book. This is a MAGAZINE. It is meant to have many articles on many subjects, so it can't get too deeply into a single subject. It doesn't have the space. Honestly, I can't understand people who expect much depth from so few pages. Where is the logic??? Anyway, the magazine is great. If you're a naturally deep, intuitive type of person then you can use the interesting articles to make your own connections and go a lot deeper.

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    For women only? Not the last time I checked! ;)

    Aaron L. Knoll want to you belive that PT is for women only. Not true. There are actually men out here that also are interested in spirituality, that doesn't think that we need science to tell us that the sun will rise tomorrow, that enjoys a suitable mix of hardcore, new scientific facts and articles with a less scientific slant.
    Psychology Today is a great magazine. Even my mother, a clinical psychologist, agrees - a woman who isn't too interested in spirituality but quite enjoys provocative views and sharp comments.

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    I Like It

    The articles are fun & I've learned alot of useful information, like last month's article on depression - the fish oil & exercise worked almost immediately. It's not a professional or academic journal - if you're a general person on the street, you will learn a lot about psychology.

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