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Railway Bylines

RAILWAY BYLINES leaves the big expresses and major stations to the other magazines and concentrates instead on out-of-the-way branch lines, light railways, narrow gauge and those often threadbare lines winding away into the hills to serve quarries, mines, logging outfits, works and dams. There is more varied geology concentrated in Britain, for its size, then in any other country on Earth and countless lines sprung up through her long industrial history to bring forth coal, ironstone, every sort of metal ore, granite, slate, peat, clay, phosphates and almost everything else. We even had oil shale once! These industrial railways - some standard gauge, some narrow gauge - threading across fields and through valleys, from sea dock and river bank, form much of the monthly fare of RAILWAY BYLINES - the rustic, the roadside and the run-down, wharves and works, mines and mills. Leafy lanes, secluded byways, barely trodden paths, steam-driven nooks and crannies of every kind.

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