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Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have been fascinated by snakes, and this magazine is for anyone who falls into that category. If you want to know how to feed your python, iguana or frog, turn to Reptiles, the magazine for people who own or breed snakes and amphibians. Each issue provides expert advice and news about species, their care, health, diet and conservation through informative features, columns and brilliantly colored photographs.

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Customer Reviews

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    Top Quality Articles

    Are you in to reptiles as pets or for breeding? If so this is the magazine for you.

    I have kept one form of snake or lizard for almost 20 years now. As I got more adept at keeping the various snakes, which were my favorites, I found out it was hard to find accurate if any information about them. Finally while attending the International Reptile Breeders Association convention in San Diego I passed a booth for Reptiles Magazine. I thought I would give it a try and got a 2 year subscription. Boy am I glad I did. Each month there is something new and different, from the common boa to venomous vipers. Even tips on how to set up that perfect viaticum...

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    Reptiles Is A Fascinating Magazine

    Reptiles is a wonderful magazine for those who love reptiles or just want to learn more about them. My 5 and 7 year old boys are fascinated with Reptiles and are constantly looking through Reptiles. As a homeschool mother I have found Reptiles magazine to be a terrific teaching tool on reptiles. The November, 1999, issue has articles showing The Reproductive Husbandry of Reticulated Pythons. The articles has graphic pictures of the python laying eggs to the babies slitting their eggs open. It's a boy's dream come true! Big or small!

    Ever wonder where a tangerine nursery frog lives? Or what a Bartle Frere cool-skink looks like? Or which poison...

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    A magazine for Herp lovers of all ages!

    My daughter loved dinosaurs. Somewhere, around junior high school, that love transferred to reptiles. Back then, there wasn't much available to read on how to care for these unique pets. There were the usual how to books, written very very generally, or there were the "professional" type for those who wanted to be breeders. There was nothing readily available for the younger or newbie herp lover.

    I remember when the first issue of Reptiles came on the market, and the excitement in her eyes. Here was something she could read and understand, and was readily available. Only took her 2 issues to subscribe and she has ever since.


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