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Science Illustrated

Science Illustrated Magazine reports on the world of science in a way that's dynamic, engaging and accessible for all. Every bimonthly issue is an upbeat, visually spectacular gateway to cutting-edge science, covering a tremendous range of subjects, from paleontology to space exploration, from medical breakthroughs to the latest environmental insights. It's the magazine for intellectually curious readers with a passion for science and discovery.

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Customer Reviews

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    My new favorite mag

    I have been a subscriber to Discover for years. I used to love it, but the lackluster articles and cookie-cutter format started to turn me off. The content never lived up to the cover.
    When I found Science Illustrated, I found my new favorite magazine.
    I just renewed by Science Illustrated subscription for another year after realizing how much use a single copy gets. I read it... sometimes scanning articles for safe-keeping. I love the photography (I'm a photographer myself). My wife reads it (she's no scientist). Then I bring it into the break room at work and it gets circulated around for at least a month afterwards.
    With great illustrations...

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    Great for the Science Classroom

    I love to read this magazine, often from cover to cover. I bring them into my science classroom for the students to read and use it as a source for short reports or make up work. Outstanding and easily understood.

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    Science Illustrated

    Science Illustrated is an excellent magazine for science buffs. It explains science research and current technology in easy to understand language without watering down the science. The graphics are excellent as well.

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