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Sea Classics

If you love reading about the sea and the men who've sailed upon it, you'll be fascinated and intrigued by the historical accounts in Sea Classics. Focusing on naval and maritime history, epic sea battles, disasters, famous ships and seamen, this magazine also showcases marine artists, maritime museums and advancements in naval technology.

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Customer Reviews

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    My Dad Loves It!

    Got this for my Dad, who was in the Merchant Marines at the end of WWII and was in the Coast Guard after that. In general he's hard to please, but he's told me several times how much he loves this magazine. He even keeps reminding me to renew his subscription!

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    I ordered this magazine after my husband saw a copy at a friends home. It has brought back memorys that only those that serve can understand. It is interesting to find out where the ships ended up and why. Keep this wonderful magazine alive for the many men and women who find solace in it.

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    Worth the read

    Like most specialty magazines, this has rather variable editorial quality. I have to restrain myself from editing as I read.

    I expect many of the authors are semi-pro, at best, but that's just fine with me. I'd rather learn from an expert/veteran than hope for the best from a polished journalist who hasn't been there.

    Good stories, mostly, and always leaving me wanting more. I think that works out ....

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