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ShopSmart is the lively new guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help readers find the best products and services for home, yard, health, fitness, food, electronics, family, autos and more. Like Consumer Reports, it is independent and carries no outside advertising.

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Customer Reviews

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    avid reader

    This is an incredible insightful and very helpful magazine from cover to cover. It doesn't have those smelly perfume ads that I cannot wait to rip out of all those other magazines before sneezing and wheezing. I look forward to getting my monthly subscription and put aside whatever I am reading at that moment to read ShopSmart. Great interesting and full of great tips and ideas

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    Great consumer product information

    This is a great magazine. It deals with more everyday products then Consumer Reports (which I love also). I love when this comes in and sit down and read all the interesting articles and reviews. It has certainly helped me in many purchase decisions. This magazine is very interesting and fun to read. I hope to be reading it for many years.

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    best magazine out there!

    Of all the magazines that come over this threshold....this is the one that gets thoroughly read issue after issue.

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