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Sister 2 Sister

Sister 2 Sister is a black entertainment magazine featuring recording artists, movie stars, reviews and more.

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Customer Reviews

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    Definitely my favorite magazine of all time

    I will say this with all confidence: Jamie Foster Brown is the best at getting the rumors we want cleared up from the world's most popular African-American celebrities! She serves as one of my role models because, I, too, want to be a journalist for the entertainment industry. Not only does Jamie get the facts from the celebs, she also has relationships with most of the people she interviews, and thats truly rare.

    Each issue has many articles and news about today's African-American famous people. The magazine also contains articles written by Dr. Jeff, a man who has a great way with words. His articles are always interesting to read. Stomps...

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    Sister 2 Sister is Alright!

    Sister 2 Sister magazine which is helmed by Jamie Foster Brown has been around for quite some time. Back in the day, S2S was often looked at as a gossip magazine and beauty shop favorite. Over the years Sister 2 Sister has become much more mainstream and popular. Every issue includes celebrity interviews. Jamie will ask a celebrity anything that comes to mind. nikki turner is another driving force around the magazine and her Happenings section is where you can find out about cutting edge products and new artists or projects related to artists bubbling under the radar. Meows is another popular section dedicated to celebrity news. The magazine also features...

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    The Hell?!

    I swear if it were possible I would give this magazine zero stars. I read an issue of this magazine not too long ago and it was just awful. They claim to be a magazine for today's black woman but if today's woman is obsessed with hair, makeup, how to make it good for your man, perpetuating the video girl image and the other usual, boring crap one reads in most women's magazines, then I would rather not be a black woman! As I flipped through the issue, I felt like it was a veiled, and thinly veiled, attempt at trying to turn me into the stereotypical video girl. You know the type, the chick in the club wearing barely anything, brainless, and is basically...

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