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Skeptical Inquirer

Do you believe in aliens, the supernatural and other unexplained phenomena? If you don't, and you look at the paranormal, UFOs, psychics and the like with a skeptical eye, you'll find like-minded non-believers in the pages of Skeptical Enquirer, a magazine that examines claims of pseudo-science from a factual, scientific perspective. The truth is out there, and perhaps, in here.
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  1. "Inquiring Minds" Want Skepticism
    The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP -- pronounced "sigh-cop", in case you were wondering) publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Skeptical Inquirer. I suppose its intent is to be the answer to another magazine of similar nomenclature, with "National" replacing "Skeptical" in its title.

    How exactly do people walk on red-hot coals, and what sort of magic is involved, anyway? What is the definitive, reliable word on the "mysteries" of Atlantis? Should you be concerned about your vacation cruise that sails through a portion of the Bermuda Triangle? How well does...
  2. "The real Ghostbusters"
    (See note 1 below about the title)
    This magazine is dedicated to investigating "Fringe Science" (including fringe interpretations of real science) and/or paranormal phenomena, and reporting as to whether there is any possible basis in fact. I suspect they're biased (against it), but probably no more so than I would be. There have been articles on UFO's, dowsing, astrology, hypnosis, "Recovered Memories" (see note 2 below), auras, remote viewing, near-death experiences (the light at the end of the tunnel), ghosts, poltergeists, haunted houses, "famous" mediums, "creation science" (see note 3 below), Uri Geller...
  3. Your paranormal questions answered - FINALLY!
    I grew up reading many, many stories about ghosts, UFOs, Bermuda Triangle disappearances, ESP, and all sorts of other intriguing, mysterious phenomena. I ate the stuff up - I really loved it. I read clean through 3 libraries of paranormal literature, reading many of the same tales in different books. I was fairly credulous, but always had certain questions in my mind.

    As time went on, my foremost question was "Why aren't the people in this story doing what I would do if I were there. Why aren't they asking this question, or trying this to test that or whatever. Why aren't they trying to get to the bottom of the matter.


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