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World renowned for its unparalleled coverage of nature history, science and the arts, Smithsonian Magazine explores lifestyles, cultures, people, technology, music and Americana for an inquisitive and educated readership. Published by the Smithsonian Institution, this magazine also includes photo essays and in-depth articles highlighting current Smithsonian museum exhibits.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Smithsonian: A Change of Pace

    I started receiving Smithsonian Magazine about eight months ago. My husband and I both like the magazine, as well as the idea that our subscription fee supports the Smithsonian Institute and gives us a few member perks like a discount in the museum cafes if we ever happen to be in DC, and the Institute?s wonderful catalogue.


    Smithsonian?s articles run the gamut from stories about the environment to archaeology to art and architecture to astronomy to entomology to history. Usually I have a magazine with me in the car so that I can read bits and pieces when I?m stopped in traffic; however, I never take Smithsonian. The articles...

    • Rating
    Smithsonian Magazine--Homescholar's Resource

    When I was responsible for the education of my homescholar, I subscribed to several quality magazines in order to expose her to a wide range of educated outlooks. Smithsonian Magazine was among the top in this category. If you're homeschooling, I highly recommend it.

    Smithsonian is a monthly magazine. Despite the frequency of the issues, each issue is vast in its range, and lushly illustrated. Many of the magazines that I selected were quarterly, which is actually to infrequent to consistently whet a homescholar's appetite for information.

    Some of the magazines that I subscribed to were more in the line of scholarly...

    • Rating
    Art Gallery, News, Modern Lifestyle all in one Magazine

    The Smithsonian
    What A Work of Art

    Pull out the scissors, the mattes and the nice oak frames and get ready for some excellent photography that you could cut right out and hang it on your wall. Two magazines have stunned the world with their photography that I have stumbled across, National Geographic Magazine and the Smithsonian. This review is based off previous subscriptions and readings and the Smithsonian October 2000 issue.

    As we glance the isles of newspapers and various magazines certain images catch the eye; I believe it is two things, sex appeal, which is highly exploited and bold simple eye catching covers. This issue of...

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