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Southwest Art

Interested in the American art and artists west of the Mississippi? Southwest Art is the only monthly publication dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art. Each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    A Terrific Magazine.........

    I subscribe to several art magazines and this includes both fine arts & art instruction. I find that the the quartet of Southwest Art, American Art Collector, Art of the West and Southwest Art all complement each other. I have had a subscription to Southwest Art for five plus years and I also give a gift subscription to an artist friend of mind. While the magazine does showcases the 'traditional' western art there is a wide variety of art to enjoy.The 'traditional' western art shown is of high quality and you will never be bored .It amazes me that once you leave the sanctimonious New York art world how many really good artists are out there using paint...

    • Rating
    Best for Western Art

    This magazine is by far the best for western art. Great articles on artists and techniques. Excellent quality magazine.

    • Rating
    Great Magazine

    This was a gift for my mom and she loves the magazine. The pictures are amazing.

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