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Along came a Spider…and it captivated millions of kids with fun and amusing stories, poetry and articles about a wide range of subjects. Children aged six to nine love this magazine and its wonderful coverage of science, history, biography, sports, travel and technology, not to mention the smile-inducing puzzles, games and brain-teasers packed into each issue.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Spider Magazine for kids

    This has to be one of the greatest magazines out there for kids today. Chock-full of stories for the young reader, games, jokes and riddles about. Not to mention the running cartoon at the bottom of the pages.
    When I was young, my mom bought me a subscription to Cricket magazine. Of all the kid oriented magazines I got then, this was my favorite by far. So when my son learned to read, I decided to look up my old favorite and subscribe. Too my surprise, they now had different magazines for different ages! I grit my teeth and ordered the age appropriate one. He is 8, so he fit in the Spider catagory.
    When the first one came, I eagerly opened it...

    • Rating
    My Daughter Loves Spider!

    Posted for Maddie (age 9)

    My favorite part is Spider's Mailbox and the comic strips. I read every issue four times each! There are buggies that make comments and have their own stories on the bottoms of the pages. All the buggies are funny.

    If you are thinking about buying this magazine for a child you know, you should know it's mostly reading, stories, and one pull out game page in each issue. I'm sure kids everywhere will love Spider Magazine as much as I do!

    • Rating
    Spider is always a great read

    My children (7,5,2) and I always get terrific belly laughs when we read the spider cartoons aloud that appear throughout the magazine in each issue. The stories, illustrations and poetry are excellent food for young (and older)minds. But our favorite feature is the cartoons!

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