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Sporting News

For the true sports fan and enthusiast, The Sporting News is the top weekly sports publication. No other magazine can compare to its detailed coverage of all professional sports. Insightful columns from America's top sports journalists, team-by-team reports from all the major professional league, plus the most up-to-date statistical information and analysis make The Sporting news an absolute champion among contenders.Sporting News publishes 24 issues including 4 double issues

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Customer Reviews

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    Still The Smartest Kid on the Block

    The Sporting News (TSN) was often referred to as the Baseball Bible back in the days in which it published every boxscore of major league baseball games. Its lineage traces back to 1886, when the publishers decided the average baseball fan needed a place to get information about his team that the local scribes might not know or for the casual fan who was in another city. For many years, TSN did not pay much attention to other sports besides baseball. About 15 years ago, when I first started subscribing to TSN it still arrived on my doorstep in newspaper form. This practice continued until maybe three or four years ago, when they turned into a glossier...

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    Serious Sports Stuff

    The best all around sports magazine ever!! No other sporting magazine gives you the quick, concise inside on the sports that matter the most. There is always a featured article, but it does not waste the readers time on article after article of boring information. I have been a subscriber for the past 8 years and plan on having a subscription for as long as I last. The only improvement I would make on this magazine is more college hoops. It does a very good job covering college football, but come basketball season, they barely devote a page to it. The other major sports have awesome coverage. Each week there is a rundown on what's happening with...

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    The best around

    In an era when sports magazines are everywhere you look, the old reliable is still number one. What's that? The bible of baseball, The Sporting News.

    Now, the first question has to be, what makes it such a good mag? Well, first, the stats are in every volume, and I do mean volume! League leaders, team leaders, and more. Furthermore, there are articles that match up to the best of the other weeklies, like SI, but are far more up to date, and inclusive of all the major sports.

    Unlike some of the monthly magazines, which should have higher quality analysis, but don't (yes, that means you, ESPN!), you will actually learn something in each...

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