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The World's Best Selling Tattoo Magazine. Here's a look at the most exquisite examples of skin art you'll see anywhere. Each monthly issue takes you on a tour of fascinating illustrated people from around the globe. Meet top international ink slingers and their living canvasses. Explore close-up in-the-flesh examples of all tat styles- biker, traditional, military, Oriental, blackwork, neotribal, full-blown custom- it's all here.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    excellent depiction of tattoo culture

    Many people ...moan about the articles in this magazine, it is really unfortunate that no one is interested in the tattoo culture as much as the tattoos themselves. I am a collector of tattoos (12 and still going strong), but why get tattoos without knowing about advancements in tattooing, or the awesome people that do it. People who have tattoos should really enjoy the articles, and the people that keep tattooing alive. The culture is as entertaining as the pictures, and if you don't apreciate that than you shouldn't get tattoos. Respect those that make a living sharing their art with the world, don't be close minded and expect only pictures, that's not...

    • Rating
    Good Mag

    I give tattoos and have several (12). This Mag is great if your looking to read about artists and trends in differnt parts of the country or the world. If your looking for more pictures check out flash magazine.

    • Rating
    tattoo magazine

    I ordered this for my nephew and so hope that he will enjoy having it delivered to him overseas! Thanks for your efforts.

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