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    Timely and Unbiased

    Remember those exposes on the content of a Cinnabon bun? Or a serving of Kung Pao chicken? This is the newsletter that broke those stories. Published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this small newsletter (10-20 pages) is packed with info and *no ads*. Each issue has a cover story (for example Cancer, Does Fat make you Fat?, Nutrion and Aging, Which Vitamins are right for you, etc.) which gives high level statics and attempts to divide myth from fact based on interviews with respected experts. Most articles are accompanied by a table of comparisons with nutritional information with their recommendations marked as "Best Bites"...

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    Loyal subscriber since 1974

    According to my economic ability to do so, I have subscribed to this magazine since 1974 without any problems. Over the years, it has influenced me and my family to eat more vegetables and to be leery of the advertising on food packaging. I have learned to read ingredient labels and enjoy the latest scientific information about food without the usual bombardment of advertising, as this magazine doesn't accept advertising. What you get is approximately sixteen pages of articles and news items. It includes such things as recipes for making healthier sandwiches, which frozen foods are healthier among certain brands, specific brands to avoid based on lack of...

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    A Newsletter for the Little Guy

    Nutrition Action is an excellent source that is willing to to provide accurate and informative information based on science and not corporate PR. The magazine has on many occasions been at the forefront of informing consumers what is and what is not working. In example, we've all heard the adage to drink eight cups of water today. NA found no study to support this claim. Vegetables ward of cancer? Not necessarily so in most cases NA announced. Looking for in-depth analysis? Its here. Looking for a synopsis? It's here to. Each article provides a summary, key findings, and the specific actions you can easily use.

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