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Entertainment mag that focuses on the people, places and events that make Texas the most diverse music region anywhere.

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Customer Reviews

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    Singing the Praises of the Sounds of Texas

    If it were any state other than Texas, I'd say a state-specific music magazine was a waste of paper. But Texas being what it is, namely big and diverse, and Texas Music being what it is, namely insanely great writing that's tightly focused and beautifully illustrated, this is one music magazine that always has me yearning for more, more, and more...

    Texas Born, Texas Bred...
    I love the way Texas Music manages to keep its focus right where it belongs -- deep in the heart of the Lone Star State. They don't go off on tangents talking about New York acts, or the Nashville scene, or God forbid, that armpit of musical mediocrity known as Branson....

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