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If you want to know what the rest of the world is thinking, get the Economist, which is known for its insightful articles and analysis of politics, business, finance, science and culture. Edited out of London with local U.S. editions, every issue is filled with lively writing, thoughtful analysis and amusing captions. Most of all, The Economist is not afraid to state an opinion.

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Customer Reviews

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    The Best Magazine In The World

    Bill Gates once said in an interview that he reads every page of The Economist. It's no coincidence that so do a lot of other smart and influential political, business, academic and media leaders throughout the world. If you want to know everything about everything, you need to start reading this on a weekly basis.

    The Economist's tightly argued and balanced expository pieces illuminate realm after realm of the world's politics, history, economics, business, finance, books, arts, science and technology. Its often lighthearted, wry tone does nothing to conceal its serious purpose and curiousity in the progression of human events.

    • Rating
    A Truly Outstanding Magazine

    I subscribed to The Economist over a year ago after having found myself purchasing copies at some six dollars per pop at local bookstores. The price for a magazine subscription was higher than I would normally pay (some two dollars per copy was the best rate I could locate). But the in-store issues I had purchased were just so good that I found myself returning every week for the next copy, and that was turning out to be TRULY expensive. So, I made the plunge for a subscription to try it out.

    I was not disappointed. The Economist has turned out for me to be without doubt one of the best magazines to which I've ever subscribed. The publication...

    • Rating
    Absolutely Brilliant! As "fair and balanced" news as you're gonna get these days!

    Those on the far-left cry of its "callous conservatism" and those of the far-right call it a "bastion of ivy tower liberalism", but for your average American, this is what commonsense journalistic reporting should be: well-written, researched, for a somewhat educated but not strictly academic audience, and simply about the facts. You'll find articles written from nearly every political perspective here, but the most common take on the issues is a moderate one, usually just slightly left-of-center or right-of-center.

    The Economist keeps up with the world's current trends and uniquely puts them into the context of a economic and political landscape....

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