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The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition, is an authoritative news source that most typically caters to a more socially and politically conservative audience. The publication is renowned for its in-depth and reliable reporting on national news stories, international affairs, politics, national security, and the economy, as well as local Washington, D.C. news coverage. The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition is a great source of pertinent, newsworthy information, and its high frequency of delivery ensures that your knowledge will never skip a beat. The editorial team at the weekly publication is dedicated to keeping its finger on the ever-beating pulse of the world’s affairs, and does the hard work of staying abreast of it all so that you don’t have to. The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition also includes articles of human-interest and on topics of entertainment and pop culture, such as sports, books, and film. The newsletter guarantees that you will be well-informed of what’s happening now, and provides educated and relevant commentary and opinions on today’s most concerning subject matters.

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