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Town & Country

America's premier lifestyle magazine for the affluent, Town & Country is an elegant publication that shares and shapes its readers' discerning tastes in fashion, travel, design, beauty, health, and the arts and antiques. Sumptuous photography and fine writing grace its pages each month.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Simply elegant

    Although the number of ads has increased dramatically over the past year or so, this magazine is simply tops for elegance and granduer. Just remember what the title stands for: you buy this if you own a home in the town AND in the country. If you want motivation for material gain, here it is.

    • Rating
    Town & Country becomes most interesting magazine

    For years I have subscribed to Vogue, Elle, Bazaar and W - sometimes for at least 30 years I have read and enjoyed the fashion,health,gossip, international news and beautiful photos (I am an artist). Town and Country has been moving up and ahead of all but W as far as I can see. It is sophisticated and not as dully gentrified as it once was.

    • Rating
    A pleasant read

    I've not seen the most recent issues, so perhaps there is more advertising than there used to be. However, I like T&C. It has a touch of class, and it is aimed at adults, not kids, adults who "have arrived," as the saying goes. Money is not the key to "arriving;" self assurance, knowledge, and capability are. This magazine gives me ideas. I can't buy the things in it, but I can try new combinations of what I do own, use old things in new ways and experiment. I get an idea of what is in fashion in case I need to look au courant for some occasion. T&C is a tool in the same way Vogue or another fashion magazine is. I believe that it isn't necesary to be wealthy...

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