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Written by trail runners, Trail Runner is the magazine that helps runners of all ages and abilities experience the outdoors and achieve a healthier lifestyle through off-road running. Trail Runner magazine inspires and informs with well-researched, useful and in-depth writing and compelling photography.

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Customer Reviews

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    Should be called "Trail Racer"

    I have been a runner for 15+ years and got into trail running about 8 years ago. I originally subscribed to Trail Runner because I was looking for a magazine to give me some great trail destinations, some solid shoe reviews (other gear is just details), and some good motivational writing.

    The Good:
    The editors and writers for Trail Runner are clearly a dedicated group of runners. They write some engaging articles and do a fine job of putting a magazine together. The magazine is not overwhelmed with advertisements (like other running mags), but does have a few. The photos printed in the magazine are nothing short of inspirational. And,...

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