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Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Aquarium Fish Magazine subscription - Successful fishkeeping for both novice and experienced aquarium hobbyists. With the largest circulation of any fishkeeping magazine in the world, it engages aquarium enthusiasts with articles that encompass freshwater fish, marine fish and reef tanks, live aquatic plants, outdoor ponds, fish health, new species reports and more. A monthly magazine for both novice and expert aquarium hobbyists, the magazine provides information on choosing , caring for and breeding freshwater and marine fish.

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Customer Reviews

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    Most traditional aquarium magazine.

    I've been reading TFH Mag. since I was a kid. At that time it used to show articles on reptiles, frogs, etc. Fortunantly it got even better when it became am exclusively aquarium fish Magazine again. Besides it's a complete magazine, it delivers international subscriptions, so I could have mine here in Brazil. It covers every aspect of fish care, aquarium maintance, new species, diseases, aquarium display, etc. It worths every dime you spend on it. The best thing is that you can keep old issues, as I do, because they are always useful. Go ahead, you wont regret.

    • Rating
    Great magazine for all levels of hobbiest.

    I have read TFH magazine for several years and have found it to be an excellent periodical about aquaria. It tries to accomodate all levels of hobbiests and I think it succeeds. It covers saltwater, reefs, freshwater and has special sections such as Discus questions or questions from children. I've yet to be disappointed with an issue. They are great to keep and go back to later for information on particular species.

    • Rating
    Excellent Mag.

    This is a must get magazine. Most aquaic information is provided and it is worth every cent. The delivery of Tropical Fish Hobbyist is more than better. Unlike other companies, tfh mail it in with plastic wrapping to prevent any damage. I really recommend this magazine.

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