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Utne Reader

A digest of articles reprinted from more than 2,000 alternative and independent media sources, Utne Reader offers an interesting array of perspectives on social, environmental and political issues. Features, original essays and humor pieces explore a variety of topics, including gender, lifestyles, changing society and community affairs.

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Customer Reviews

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    Like Reader's Digest, except for Liberals

    I love Utne Reader. A friend gave me an issue several years ago and I've subscribed ever since.

    When people ask me about it, I say "it's sort of like Reader's Digest" with lots of articles that have already been published in other publications. The difference is, the Utne staffers search through little known and not so common magazines for their stories. It should also be mentioned that Utne picks a topic for each issue. Here are some past topics:

    Imagine the America You Want March/April 2003 (Issue 116)
    The Future of Healing May/June 2001 (Issue 105)
    Great American Sellout November/December 1999 (Issue 96)
    Gender blur September/October...

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    Give your brain an electric shock

    I found Utne Reader while browsing the periodical racks of my favorite local bookstore (put yourself in the picture... wood floors, magazines as far as the eye can see, generally categorized, and the wafting aroma of fresh ground coffee). I was looking for something different -- maybe a collection of undiscovered short story writers -- maybe a different view of world events -- perhaps a fresh look at Mad magazine?

    What I found was Utne Reader -- I'm also a fan of Brill's Content (or was a fan... are they out of business now? I'll have to check after I write this review), and I found Utne Reader placed next to BC. It immediately grabbed my attention...

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    For thinking people

    UTNE is a publication we got hooked on back in late '89.

    We jokingly refer to it as the thinking readers Readers Digest, since the articles aren't "feel good" but are articles that are meant to make the reader think. Articles that come from a variety of other publications and cover a plethora of issues and topics.

    It is a magazine that I find myself re-reading and re-reading past issues for months or years ago. And yes the publication is liberal or at least alternative lifestyle mode.

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