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Wilson Quarterly

The Wilson Quarterly is a news magazine of the world of ideas. Edited for an educated lay audience, The Wilson Quarterly explains and summarizes developments in serious research on politics, the environment, the social sciences, foreign affairs, history, the arts, TV and the press, economics, science and technology. The format includes major essays and reviews of current books and periodicals.

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Customer Reviews

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    The World of Ideas

    The Wilson Quarterly might be called a Readers' Digest for intellectuals. In brisk, crisply-written articles, the Quarterly surveys ideas--both current and historical--and makes often-daunting material accessible and eminently readable. The format is austere and refreshing--mostly text, with no advertising and no glossy photos. Reading the magazine is an intellectually bracing experience, like mental aftershave.
    In the Autumn, 1999 issue, for example, topics covered included "Call Me Mister," which discussed the social trend of addressing everyone by their first name and its costs, and an extremely provocative view of American parenting and...

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    Integrity of Ideas

    WQ is among the very few publications in America that takes ideas seriously -- across all traditional academic boundaries -- without being polemical or skewed in its approach. The essays are balanced, nuanced and well considered, and the pointers to current items and trends are succinct and informative.

    When I meet people who read WQ and get the chance to become acquainted, I discover that, whatever their current position (General of the US Marines, Chairman of the Board of a knowledgeware enterprise, think-tank analyst, professor, fellowship student), they invariably have a pattern of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.


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