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Wine Enthusiast Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that is comprised of expert information on gourmet food, spirits, travel, entertaining, and of course, wine. Its wine ratings encompass a large portion of the magazine, which are conducted by well-seasoned reviewers in major wine-producing areas all over the world. This section of Wine Enthusiast Magazine is considered to contain influential assessments for wine consumers and professionals in the wine-making industry. While the focus of the magazine is on educating and appreciating exquisite wines as part of a good living, it also regularly spotlights travel hot-spots, beautiful vineyards, food and wine pairings, serving suggestions, and more. Wine Enthusiast magazine is enjoyed by nearly 700,000 readers every month and has remained one of the best-selling food and wine magazines since its founding twenty years ago.

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    I'm sure it's a great magazine, I'd like to read it.

    This isn't a condemnation of the magazine, It's just that it's been over 2 months since I ordered it, and I haven't seen an issue yet.

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