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Tech is taking over. Want to make it an exciting part of your life? Wired makes it easy, with complete coverage of the people, companies, technologies and ideas that are transforming the way we live. Features include the latest technology developments for home, work, and beyond, plus an inside look at the industry's challenges and triumphs.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    tech background not necessary to enjoy

    You don't have to have a Ph.D. in computers, math, or engineering in order to enjoy this magazine: I don't possess such credentials, and I think Wired is outrageously good. The appeal of Wired is information on cutting-edge technology, delivered in a highly visual, understandable, and often entertaining format. A subtle sense of humor pervades the magazine with features such as "Return to Sender" - a contest in which Wired readers attempt to send the weirdest possible item in the mail to the magazine's San Francisco headquarters; or "Japanese Schoolgirl Watch" - which tracks the latest trendy gadgets favored by one of the world's most trend-obsessed demographic...

    • Rating
    Hands down, my favorite magazine!

    I value my time, and, probably like you, get news and information from multiple sources (internet, magazines, newspapers, and TV being the principle venues). As far as magazines go, Wired is my favorite by far; I still look forward to getting it after 5 years, and on the off chance it doesn't arrive in the mail on time, I slap around my mailbox in dissapointment.

    It's impossible to not be intrigued by whatever cutting-edge technology they're following, the stories of the pioneers who are developing it, and the social implications of their deployment.

    But Wired is about much more than new and interesting technology, for me, it's...

    • Rating
    Still a great magazine

    My favorite magazine is probably still Wired magazine.

    I have been a subscriber almost continuously from around 1994 or so.

    Despite a history of excessive advertising and embarrassing flag waving about the glory of the internet economy Wired has consistently informed and entertained me with quality articles about the things that I enjoy: internet, software, business, technology, politics, travel, etc.

    It has also been a major innovator in terms of the visual style of magazines. Their style was as new and different at its introduction as was MTV when it first appeared in the 80s.

    The articles are largely targeted to 20 - 40 year old upper-middle-class,...

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