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Your Big Backyard

This award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation nurtures young children's natural attraction to animal's into a lifelong love of reading and learning. Designed to draw children closer to nature while helping develop early reading skills! Includes monthly parent's section. For pre-schoolers ages 3-7.

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Customer Reviews

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    Your Big Backyard is a special magazine for the little ones.

    My grandson has been receiving Your Big Backyard every month for the past 2 years.
    He wants this read to him the minute it arrives.

    This magazine is great for young children because it isn't just filled with stories.
    There are games to play which are not only fun to do but they teach as well.

    For example there is a matching game where the child has to match objects according to sizes.
    This helps a child to understand different shapes as well as getting them to think.

    The picture of animals are photographed extremely well and they not only show the animal and sea life but also the environment in which the animal lives.


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    Your Big Backyard: Great First Magazine for Children

    Your Big Backyard is an absolutely charming first magazine for children who are ages 3 through 6.

    The magazine is filled with pictures of all kinds of wildlife, both land and sea. Along the pictures are either short activities that can be done by the children along with the parents or a short reading selection.

    I am so impressed by the colorful photographs and the simplicity of this magazine. The magazine also is not very large, so you can go through all of this in just the same amount of time that you would spend reading a Little Golden Book.

    In one of the issues, it contains the following types of material: A short paragraph...

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    Excellent for Pre-Schoolers

    I first ran across this magazine at a friend's house and saw how wonderful it was. I came home, checked out the web site ( you can find the link from there)and became a subscriber.
    Our son is 4 years old and absolutely loves this magazine. We read it over and over again. There are so many beautiful pictures and wonderful stories. I love to read it to him and see how interested he is in everything.
    Your Big Backyard is put out by the National Wildlife Federation -- the same people that have put out Ranger Rick all these many years. My husband was a huge Ranger Rick fan growing up and thinks this magazine is great too. It's...

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