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Gray's Sporting Journal

For an intellectual and artistic approach to the outdoor sporting world, engulf your senses with Gray's Sporting Journal. Each issue provides the avid sportsman excellent coverage of hunting and fishing with an emphasis on literature & art. The magazine's unique approach makes for fascinating and enlightening reading. If you are interested in expanding your sporting knowledge, this is your publication.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Think E.H., Theodore Roosevelt, & Ralph Lauren

    If Ernest Hemingway, Theodore Roosevelt and Ralph Lauren brought together their notions of the exemplary sporting periodical, Gray's Sporting Journal would be the result.
    This is a beautifully presented sporting magazine. But that's only the beginning. Gray's is the focal point for many, if not most, of the finest authors, essayists, journalists, poets, photographers, and most particularly, artists contributing their efforts to enhancing the sporting life. This is not standard "Sports Afield" or "Outdoor Life" fare. Far removed, in fact. Not that there is anything wrong with these other publications, rather their focus simply...

    • Rating
    Interesting reading for hunters & Fishermen

    This magazine is a pleasant change from "Field & Stream" and "Outdoor life" The articles are well written and harken back to a day and age when one had time to sit by the fire and read a good story. 5 stars for writing quality. It's expensive per issue but you'll get your money's worth out of the reading time. Ad's but far fewer than those other pulp journals.

    • Rating
    Fine collection of Fishing and Hunting Stories

    This roughly bimonthly magazine contains a wide range of generally well written fishing and hunting stories, plus some photo-journals of hunting and fishing trips to exotic locales. There are occassional articles about making guns, gunsmithing, etc. I'd pretty much agree with G. Powell's short review, the quality of the writing here is better than `Field and Stream' or similar publications, definitely worth the money. Probably about the same as `Sporting Classics', but without so many ads. I got started reading this magazine after devouring Robert Ruark, Peter Capstick, and Gordon MacQuarrie. This magazine (and perhaps `Sporting Classics') is about the...

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